We are a software and business development studio based in Bath, started with the goal of developing technology products with globally scaling potential for both us and our clients. Although ModusNova is an early stage start-up, everybody in the team has deep rooted experience as technologists and closely worked together in various ways in their early careers.

While serving to our clients' needs in a diverse range of technology stack on which we have expertise on, we have been investing in two software projects, which combined with the lean approach we adopt help us to quickly build and test any business idea.
Ardita: Our software development framework
Accris: Our business development platform
The Technology

Ardita has been created for perfectionist developers to help them create amazing applications and focus on things that really matter, such as architectural design and user experience. It is one of the earliest application development frameworks, although not known widely because it was developed and consumed in-house.

Recently, we resigned everything and made a huge upgrade in presentation layer implementing a “theatre” analogy which introduced great ease and flexibility, supporting our ambitious user experience requirements, combining web and desktop interface developments in one place. It also opened many new gates. We now support other platforms like IOS & Android, and develop applications in other languages like Swift, JavaScript and Java. The diversity of already supported database systems also extended to include documental ones.

Currently, we are working to take that cross-platform idea one step further. We want to make it totally open source and a common asset of tech community. Shortly, we will tell more both here and Ardita’s first web site.
Accris is our business development platform. History of it goes back 16 years, starting with an e-commerce platform we built: ToolBoxCC. Soon after, we developed a separate commercial application for the pharmaceutical industry: Accris. Later, we merged ToolBoxCC and Accris into a single body of software as our framework Ardita developed to support both web and windows platforms.

In time, it evolved into a complete ERP software, expanding to other industries either by direct deployment or replicating the architectural design of Accris to develop bespoke software solutions.

As mobile and cloud platforms evolved, so did Accris. We defined a vision to make Accris a platform serving as the infrastructure of any kind of business. So now, Accris is still a powerful ERP as well as the invisible basis of many current and future products of ModusNova. We are starting with TidyGate and planning to proceed with a wide range of products, demonstrating the power of Accris and its modular design.
TidyGate is an export portal and sales software for SMEs that automatises both direct and online sales processes, integrated with company processes and gives access to foreign trade service providers. As of March 2020, TidyGate V1 is ready for beta clients.

Version 1 Features:
Direct Sales Infrastructure:Price Quoting, Providing product samples, Customer relations, Sales processing and reporting.
Quote level integration with relevant service providers: Transportation, Customs management, Patents/branding, Standards and test laboratories, Product photography, Automated translation of content and communications

Upcoming Features:
Export Portal
One catalogue that brings together products from all manufacturers
Fully automated e-commerce process
Multiple languages and currencies
Microservice level integration with relevant service providers
Our interactions with e-commerce clients showed us the confusion caused by numerous platforms such as Shopify, Amazon, Etsy, Ebay,etc. As a result, we set out to create a software to manage multiple ecommerce venues.

Since it’s foundation in November 2016 Junction/D has been our ecommerce laboratory, where we have been experimenting with and improving upon our e-commerce technologies and services.

Contact us to try Junction/D self-service platform or a quote for complete ecommerce services package.
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